Tips and Tricks for Parents in Quarantine

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How are you? Are you adjusting to distance learning/homeschool? How are you holding up trying to work from home at the same time that you are trying to learn how to help your kids through their new “school” day? It’s a lot isn’t it? In my household, some days I feel like we are starting to get a routine down and making pretty good progress. Other days it feels like maybe it would have been more productive if we had stayed in bed all day watching movies. We would have a much smaller mess to clean up at the end of the day, that’s for sure. We have three “classrooms” and a “home office” running in the same spaces we are cooking and eating three meals a day and it’s a little nuts.

I want this to be a time that my kids look back on and remember not just the uncertainty and concern, but also how their parents relied on their faith and their relationship with Christ to get them through. I want them to remember lots of laughter and good meals around the table. A slower pace where we had time to sit and really talk. I want them to remember that this was hard but that we had each other and we leaned in hard to God knowing he was with us and he was the answer to our fears and anxieties.

Yet at the end of some of these quarantine days I feel really frustrated and hurried. When it’s dinner time and the school assignments aren’t done and you haven’t answered all your work emails or even cleaned up lunch, it can feel like a bit much. Are you with me? Are you feeling it too? Many of you are not able to work from home. You are spending your days trying to figure out how the bills will get paid while you also need to remember how to do pre-algebra. Some of you are essential workers and you have worries about putting your family at risk when you come from home work as well as childcare challenges. It’s an intense time to be a parent. My prayer for myself and for you is that God would give us the strength to turn to him day after day and give him all of our worries throughout this crisis. I’m praying our kids would lean to do this by watching us do it, not just by hearing us talk about it.

I’m praying that God would help us be there for each other in our homes during this time, as well as in our church family and community. Are you feeling alone in your parenting? Would you like to check in and pray with other parents during this time? If so email us at and let us know that you would like to connect with other parents. We are here for you and we would love to walk this uncharted path with you. There are days we will not get it right, but we can reach out to each other and lean on God’s strength not our own.

A Parenting Pro-Tip

I am going to close with the most practical advice I have on getting through a hard school assignment with your kids. If your kids are teens or close to it, this is for you.  It’s not what you are expecting to hear, but it works. Every.Time.  First, take your phone and lock yourself in the bathroom for a while. Go to youtube and find a tutorial for one of the crazy dances all of your kids are doing all day long. Learn it. You don’t have to learn it well. Actually, the worse your dance moves are, the better this works. The next time your kids will not focus on their schoolwork or buckle down and get it done, let them know you have prepared a motivational dance. Go for it, give it your all and show them your moves. They will do anything to make you stop! Seriously, even algebra! Click below to see my latest motivational dance I torture my kids with.😂🤣  You’re Welcome, haha.