The Beauty of Communion

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This week is Holy Week!! In honor of this, we will take time to reflect on the words that Jesus used on the cross.   As followers of Jesus we have the incredible, personal and intimate opportunity to take Holy Communion and this Friday evening we are going to do this together, despite our current SIP situation. How? We will send out an email with instructions on how to connect with one another for our Good Friday service via Zoom or Facebook live.  This will be a time we will spend together in worship, reflection and Communion.

To be ready for the service you will need to create a Communion set. This is a great opportunity to involve your family in preparation for Communion.   Take some time this week with your family and discuss what Communion means and gather items for your Communion table. 

Here’s what I found around my house:
-A tray that was a gift to me from my Mom
-A clay dish for the bread. It is a sweet handmade gift from one of my Daughters
-“Hope” sign made for me from a friend over 15 years ago.  
-I didn’t have small Communion cups but found glass candle votive holders
-A couple of candles

I’m praying for you this week and can’t wait to be with you Friday!

Christy M.
Staff Member