Waumba Land

An environment designed with children ages six weeks–Pre-K in mind


You’re surrounded by generous people at New Vintage.

Teaching about god in a fun 
and engaging way.

Your preschooler can plan on lots of singing, dancing, and learning every week.

We miss seeing your smiling faces, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Waumba Land!

We are providing an online Waumba Land experience for your child each Sunday morning, as well as a weekly Friday night experience for the whole family.

This week's resources are available below! 

Sunday Feature, September 13
Be A Good Friend Music Video
Sunday Feature, September 6
Sunday Feature, August 30
Sunday Feature, August 30
Sunday Feature, August 23
Sunday Feature, August 16
Sunday Feature, August 9

August Music Feature
"Wherever, Whatever"

Previous week's resources:

Sunday Feature, June 14

"God helped Gideon’s teeny tiny army win the battle against the BIG BAD army. Gideon trusted God and did what he said to do. Gideon knew God loved him and wanted to help him.

Talk about it:
1. How did God help Gideon win the battle?
2. What are some things you can ask God to help you with?
3. How can you be brave today because you can trust God?

If your preschooler thinks playing with flashlights are fun, they will love this week's activity! Get the details and even more RoundUp fun from the Waumba Land page on your church's website."

Sunday Feature, May 31

This week, your child will learn that God sent a BIG fire to help Elijah. Elijah was brave and trusted God. You can trust God too! 

Talk about it:

  1. When have you been brave?
  2. What are some ways you can trust God? (He can help you when you are scared or feeling sad.)
  3. How do you know God loves you?

Sunday Feature, May 24

Happy Summer Time from WaumbaLand!

We’ll teach your child our new song  🤠 and send them on a scavenger hunt through the house to gather their RoundUp gear.

Sunday Feature, May 17

This week, your child will learn that God made them to do all kinds of amazing things! They can share, say kind words, help others, and even praise and celebrate him. God made them and loves everything about them.

Talk about it:

  1. What are good things God made you to do?
  2. What are some kind words you can say to someone?
  3. Who can you share with this week?

Here’s more fun for your preschooler:

  1.  Meet Your Child at the Mirror 
  2. Let’s See Those Dance Moves 
  3. Learn the Bible Verse 

Sunday Feature, May 10

Every part of your child is wonderfully made by God. It’s true! God made them and loves everything about them. When they’re waving to their friends with their hands, running around the playground on their feet, or eating yummy food with their mouth—they can remember that God made them and loves everything about them.

Talk about it:

  1. What are things you can do with your nose, ears, feet?
  2. What are some silly things you can do (make a funny face, make silly noises)?
  3.  Who made you? (God did!)

Waumba Land Online – May 3 from NPkids on Vimeo.

href=”https://vimeo.com/411543006″>Waumba Land Online – April 26 from NPkids on Vimeo.

Sunday Feature, May 3, 2020. 

Today we are learning that God made your child to be exactly who they are—the things they like, the things they are good at, and the things that make them unique. They are wonderfully made and are special to God. He loves EVERYTHING about them.

Talk about it:

  1. What are things you like?
  2. What does God love about you?
  3. What are some amazing things you can do (jump really high, snap your fingers, etc.)?